He’s describing himself simply as a creative, but Giuseppe Milizia is a truly interesting character. Graduate in Architecture in Florence, he landed in Paris where he devoted himself mainly to painting and met big shots such as Yves Saint Laurent and Maurice Messegué, then moved to New York, where the doors of fashion were opened to him. He created clothes collections that borne his name, realized sumptuous villas throughout Europe, such as the one in Sardinia of sultan Al Mansouri, the owner of the most luxurious hotel in Dubai “Burj al-Arab”. 15 years ago he approached boxes, object mostly unknown to the wider public, but that nowadays tour the world. They are coffers of life- from pictures to press clippings, from jewellery to cigars, from ties to letters- objects that he exports everywhere, but that he goes on manufacturing in a laboratory in Sava, in the countryside of Taranto..